Kitchen upgrades yield a high return on investment in terms of resale value and buyer appeal. Even if you plan to enjoy living in your home for many years, a kitchen makeover can reflect your taste and lifestyle, making your kitchen an inviting oasis or gathering place.

The cost of a total kitchen renovation is prohibitive to many, but smaller changes will breathe new life and energy into this important space. Repainting and refinishing kitchen cabinets is a feasible project for many homeowners and brings a delightful outcome.

There is great flexibility and value in refinishing your existing cabinets. One can retain the storage and usability of the current cabinets and feel good about sustainability and reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Pete’s Paints customers may choose the level of finish they desire – from a simple sand and small repairs with full prime and re-paint or a higher level of preparation that will transcend the finished product into factory finish level in appearance and texture.

Choose your new look! Maybe you want a refresh of the existing color and to retain the character of the wood grain. Or perhaps you want a completely new look and select a higher level finish and different color. This is an excellent time to upgrade the pulls and hardware.

Once your transformation begins, all cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be removed to the painting shop where they will be sanded and caulked until the finish is ready for primer. After the first coat of primer is sprayed and completely dry, the cabinets will be inspected, sanded, and cleaned. Depending on the level of finish requested, this process is repeated until the desired surface texture is achieved for optimal appearance and paint adherence. When the preparations are complete, your color selection of cabinet coat paint will be applied with a pressure sprayer ensuring a flawless, smooth finish.

Cabinet doors during preparation and drying phase

Meanwhile, in your kitchen, the cabinet boxes will also be sanded and necessary repairs made. The kitchen will be contained in plastic sheeting to prevent dust from escaping the work area. When the boxes are ready for paint, two coats of urethane enamel will be applied. This fine finish is extra durable and easy to clean.

Cabinet boxes prepped and painted in place before refinished doors and drawers are installed

This is a a perfect time to have walls, ceilings, and trim sanded and painted if that’s on your wish list. When all components of your project are finished, Pete’s Paints will deliver and install your “new” doors & install your new hardware.


Choosing Pete’s Paints to repaint your kitchen cabinets is a smart, responsible decision. A free consultation with Pete gives you the opportunity to explore your options.

Completed cabinets installed with new hardware