Painting your home? How about some pro tips from Pete’s Paints, Lancaster’s Picky Painters.


Choosing to repaint your home is a daunting decision. Who do you hire? What colors should we choose? How much will it cost? How long will it take?


These are good questions that we often address with our customers.


  1.  Do your research. At the first thought of a home painting project, establish the scope of your job. Establish a budget and a timeline. Exterior painting can only be performed during warm weather, so plan accordingly because painters are extra busy in that season. Are you also having other contracting work done? Perhaps you have repairs that will need to be addressed. (Bonus: Pete’s Paints can do your small repair and remodel projects along with your painting. We can also recommend contractors that we trust).
  2. Choose a painter. Get estimates and have frank conversations about your budget, your expectations, and your timeline. Lowest price may not always be best quality or best fit. A cheap paint job will not pay dividends in your home value and will need to be repaired and repainted down the road, while a quality finish preserves your investment for a long time.
  3. Use great products. Pro painters recommend Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints, primers, and stains. Using high end products from trusted vendors actually saves labor costs because the paint has better adherence and covers the surface well. The finished surface will also have more durability and longevity so that your paint job looks new for a long time.
  4. Select your color. Choosing new colors can be stressful for folks who afraid to commit to a new wall or home color. Peruse the internet (Pinterest is great for this!). Observe homes of friends and neighbors and create your own look. Still at a loss? Try this room visualizer at Sherwin Williams to see what different schemes might look like in your home. Or get professional help at Grauer’s Paint or Heritage Design Interiors.
  5. Prepare your area. Pete’s Paints is happy to help you know what to move and give you a hand. If you have the ability to prepare, you’ll save labor hours by: pruning vegetation in exterior areas to be painted, moving furniture to the center of the room, removing all breakable items and removing pictures from walls.
  6. Communicate with your painter and your household. Before and during the job, it’s important to communicate with your contractor. If you wish to have additional work done, it’s easiest and most cost effective to do it while the crew is set up. Be sure that your significant other is in the loop as far as project costs and timelines as well.
  7. Clean up and walk through. Pete’s Paints does a thorough cleanup at the conclusion of every job. We like to do a final walk through with our customers because we’re picky and want you to be absolutely thrilled with the outcome. If there’s an area that needs a touch up, now’s the time to notice it together.
  8. Time to enjoy your “new” home. The painting project is finished and you are delighted. Have fun while you add your distinctive decorating touches. Invite friends in to admire your home and relax, knowing you’ve made an investment in your property that also brings you joy.