Choosing bedroom color
Taupe bedroom pulled from oriental rug with bed accessories to match

Bedrooms are unique rooms because most of the time spent there is with our eyes closed! With eyes closed you can’t see the color or treatments – but you can use color to set the tone for that period of time before sleeping or after waking.

How your room is oriented to the path of the sun is an important consideration. Bedrooms with bright morning sun can be well suited to cooler colors because the sunlight becomes an adequate substitute for a warm color allowing use of cooler blues and greens.

However, a north facing bedroom would be better off with warm colors to help counteract the position of the room. In this case, warmer colors are recommended like reds and yellows.

Choosing bedroom color seating area
Taupe bedroom walls including a seating area

It is a good idea to let Pete help you with your color selections so that you can avoid the wrong choices and save the expense of painting over a bad choice. Contact Pete to discuss your application and to determine your best color choices.